August 2018 · Favorites

10 Youtubers I’ve Been Loving This Summer and Why

    1. Kristin Johns


Kristin’s bubbly personality makes me watch her videos the second I get the notification. I love how real she is behind the camera, and her heart for Jesus always leaves me feeling happy at the end of a video.

2. Jess Conte

jess conte

I just love how honest and open Jess is about life. Her videos are cute and simple and they always end with a Bible verse. Her vlogs are wholesome and sweet and I would definitely recommend watching them.

3. Cole&Sav

cole and sav

I started watching Cole and Savannah right before the summer started, and their infectious happiness always seems to leave me feeling great for the rest of the day. I’m excited to watch as their pregnancy comes to an end and their family is blessed with a baby!!!

4. Milena Ciciotti


The two things I love most about Milena are her heart for Jesus and her realness. As long as I have been subscribed to Milena, her faith-based videos have left me yearning to open my Bible and dive into scripture. She and her husband are also expecting a little one soon, and I am thrilled for them.

5. Kirbyisaboss


Kirby was the first Christian youtuber that I started watching. Her videos are fun and inspiring! This past year has been huge for her because she has spoken at events and helped to share the Gospel.

6. Danielle Marie Carolan

danielle carolan

Danielle is super motivating! Her girl boss attitude is contagious and leaves me feeling like I can accomplish anything. Her college week in the life videos are addicting to watch and make me want to start school now.

7. Daley McCallum

daley mccallum

I first noticed Daley in Danielle’s college vlogs. She is fun and loud and seemingly unapologetic for being herself. Her personality is fun and spunky, and she is definitely someone that you should watch out for!

8. Ellen Fisher

ellen fisher

I love love love Ellen’s videos! They are super relaxing, yet eye-opening. She has tons of vegan recipes that look delicious. Her family is just the cutest! Would highly recommend watching her videos to anyone looking to live a vegan lifestyle.

9. Ellie and Jared

ellie and jared

I have been watching Ellie and Jared for about three years now. I love their lightheartedness and their honesty. This year has been super exciting for them so far as they have welcomed their third son and started a podcast.

10. The Stauffer Life

stauffer life

The Stauffer’s are one of my favorite families to watch. Myka is real and honest about the struggles within her family. The adopted their fourth child last year and are looking to adopt a fifth soon! I love the realness in their family vlogs.

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